Wetsuit Repair Guide

We did our best to create a wetsuit design unlike any other on the market, thoroughly testing out weak points and patterns to better allow for the longevity and comfort of your suit. One of the advantages of a rubber limestone wetsuit is its ability to be fixed, often at home, over and over again.

We all know that sometimes, sh*t happens. However, choose to repair, not to replace. Our material’s properties mean that for most cases, the problem (tear, nail cut or other) will be isolated and not affect the integrity of the surrounding areas. Should the repair be a major one, we like to refer you to a repair specialist. We have a few trusted ones around the world, so get in touch if you require contact details.

Look after your suit by fixing any tears as soon as you get them. We like to check our wetsuits every few surfs when taking it off or putting it on. This will become second nature as it is always recommended to fix areas that need repair as soon as possible. Keep in mind that an open tear will deteriorate over time.

Rubber limestone neoprene is impermeable – arguably its best quality. This means that it should not have any holes in it, anywhere. A tear or hole causes a weak point, so remember to keep it fixed.

In conclusion, don’t sew it up. Glue is the only thing to use on rubber.

To fix a tear on the rubber, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the suit is bone dry.
  2. As you begin the repair process, keep the tear open. Place the wetsuit in a way that allows it to stay this way.
  3. Put wetsuit contact glue on both sides of the tear, and wait for it to be dry to the touch. For small or hard-to-reach fixes we recommend using the tip of a toothpick to apply the contact glue. It is imperative that the contact glue is ONLY applied to the inside of the tear and does not get spread around the problem.
  4. Repeat step 3 once more, applying contact glue to the affected area.
  5. When the two coats of glue are perfectly dry, line up the tear edge and press the two sides together. Press firmly for about 5 seconds.
  6. We recommend allowing the repair to set for an hour. Overnight is best, but we understand how urgent the surf’s call can be.

Your suit is now repaired. Check the repair over time, but if a repair is done properly it will never open again. Should you need a helping hand, we are just a message away and will guide you through a repair if you need us to.