Wetsuit Care

We highly encourage you to follow the guidelines we have set up for the care and maintenance of your wetsuit, as it plays a very important part in how long your suit will last. You can find these on the numbered card that came with your purchase. For additional information please send us an email to speak to us directly about how we can make your suit last longer.

As a brief outline we suggest that:

– You do not leave you wetsuit in the sun or a hot car.
– You take care in rinsing your suit regularly to maintain the flexibility of the neoprene.
– You take care in putting your wetsuit on and taking it off, being extra careful of nails and extreme stretching of the material at the seams, particularly when wet or damp.

For a full guide on how to make your suit last for many seasons, please refer to our blog or the card that accompanied your wetsuit purchase.