Where collaboration is not only celebrated, but actively fostered. Join us in our space to explore, converse and ideate with like-minded individuals that create. Our studio is made to fit all kinds of characters with different backgrounds and work experience. The only common denominator is your entrepreneurial spirit and your motivation.

Our modular design means that our space can be turned into a completely fresh exhibition expanse, or we can hang our rails and it can be the next pop-up for your brand. Plinths are spread out through the space, with a giant wall on wheels for you to project your grand ideas (or films) on and a moveable point of sale and display cabinet to engage with your customers from. The best part is that with amazing natural light, you are able to feel inspired and photograph at every time of the day. We are a versatile space that has little that limits your freedom to create.

The Atlas Label Studio is a space to meet with people who think like you do. We invite you to join us here to grow your project and develop your ideas – we want to help you get there.

Applications are now open for residencies.

Let us know a little bit about yourself, your brand or what you do with a few easy questions:

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The Atlas Label team looks forward to hearing from you!