We’re real surf lovers who are proud of WHAT WE MAKE and OUR vision for the future. From the quality of our materials to the knowledge and passion we put into our designs, our products are made with meticulous care. with OUR range of sustainable, premium SURF and sWIM products, WE HOPE TO ALLOW YOU TO LIVE YOUR BEST OUTDOOR LIFESTYLE.

Take a journey with us as we explore ways in which we can create functional and timeless pieces of surf attire and swimwear THAT HONORS THE ENVIROMENT AND IT’S PEOPLE. We TAKE great pride and care in CREATING THESE garments and invite you to be part of the mindfulLNESSs to buy less often, and to look after what you own.


We choose to make classic, timeless pieces that can be repaired and reused for long periods of time, instead of just buying for the trend. It is because of this that we encourage everyone who owns an Atlas Label product to consider repairs as a first option. We believe in making better choices and to take responsibility for what you purchase. Use it, love it, care for it. Repeat.


We strongly believe that sustainability also comes in the form of how people are treated. We choose to work with artisans who put their employees first. Outreach programs, respectable wages, fantastic working conditions, job security and loyalty are just some of the values our people stand by. We like to know where our things come from, who makes them and how they are made. Ultimately, this is also a very big part of slow fashion – to not only slow down consumption, but also consider every detail in the manufacturing process. The companies we work with are dedicated to change and the development of better materials and improved sustainability, and we are constantly in contact with them to see where and when there is room to grow.


We aren’t perfect nor do we pretend to be. However, we are working towards becoming as perfect as we can be and will continue to work towards this goal. Know that every decision we make always considers the environment, our people and the product we make.

If you are in South Africa and wish to have your Atlas swimwear repaired for any reason, give us a call. We offer free repairs on all of our swimwear, with no expiration date. Rest of the world… we are working on you. Send us a message and let us know how we can help you love your Atlas swimwear.

For wetsuit repairs we offer detailed guides that will show you exactly how to repair your suit, as well as offer a list of repairers around the world who can make your suit look like new again. We are just an email away for any questions and no question is too small – please reach out and it will be our pleasure to help find a solution to your repair problems.