Residency – Liv and Light

Atlas Label welcomes Liv and Light to our studio. This residency will see Liv and Light have a Cape Town location in which they will tell their story of considered clothing that is handmade in small quantities by up-skilled craftsmen. 

Liv and Light came about when Gaby decided she wanted to combine her love of people, and in particular some of her patients that she felt especially connected with, with her passion for beautiful clothing. The idea was to empower ladies by sending them on sewing courses and then guiding them in the making of beautiful garments – drawing inspiration from nature and only using natural fibers where possible. This line has now been named Liv and Light – Created by Healed Hands.

Olivia (Liv), Gaby’s sister, is a qualified veterinarian and Gaby is a medical doctor. They were born to a creative mother who studied fine arts and always shared the importance of having a creative outlet. Gaby and Olivia, together with two other business partners – Doug and Cam Heale – ran with the idea and Liv and Light was born.

Liv and Light pays special attention to their materials and practices.

Liv and Light believes in sustainable production and because of this, has sent four ladies through sewing courses so far. They have also given their local producers sewing machines and over-lockers to keep in their homes in a KZN township. This allows their producers to sew at their own pace and Liv and Light can collect the pieces and pay according to the quantities that they are able to make. They have recently started supporting a local CMT too which employs three seamstresses.

Liv and Light uses their brand to up-skill and teach local women in the making of their pieces.

Liv and Light is adamant that they never want to go into large-scale production so that they can focus on creating smaller batches of clothing that are fair to their maker and support an ethos of slow and considered fashion. Their limited runs of handmade, classic pieces are all designed by the Liv and Light team. 

Atlas Label is hosting Liv and Light for three months at our Cape Town Studio. Get in touch with us to book an appointment or keep an eye on our social media for pop-up events in the space.



1 February 2020  – 10:00 until 15:00| Atlas Label, 54 Newmarket Street, Foreshore, Cape Town



Words and Images by Liv and Light