Residency – Alis Kotze

Artist Alis Kotze joined us in Studio this February for a collaborative project centred around abstract art. The project saw Alis draw inspiration from our wetsuit and swimwear collections and create several works that express her feelings gathered from our brand. These works were then crafted into a limited run of bags in order to create timeless, sustainable artworks that will develop and age with their new owners – get the full story below!

The artist Alis and her work – an abstract interpretaion of our goods and the environment in which they are used.

The premise of Atlas Label and our studio is to carefully consider the entire lifecycle of everything we make. We took a sustainable approach to an art exhibition and turned it into an exploratory project which is not defined by the usual constraints of what makes an art gallery. We wanted the art to be more than just something beautiful on a wall, and therefore decided that at the end of the exhibition the canvases be transformed from art to artistic goods. These bags were handmade using the artworks and will now live on in their second life with new owners.

Wetsuits meet found objects in this installation that looks to the ocean and its movements for inspiration.


5 bags are available for purchase – please get in touch for orders and enquiries.